Let us take care of your online
store, while you focus on your
core business.

TackThis! Concierge is a service built with the needs of
Small and Medium Enterprises in mind to help you
jumpstart your online business

Why go online?

Millions of customers.

There are at least 40 million internet users
in the Asia Pacific that can potentially
discover your store and buy your products
(APAC World, 2015)

High potential.

Worldwide, e-commerce is estimated to be at
$2 trillion in 2016. This is an average of 17%
year-on-year growth since 2012.
(eMarketer, Jan 2014)

TackThis! Concierge

offers you a great way to start your
online business with 3 services:

Effortless Store

From taking beautiful photos of your
products to designing your own brand
website, we have a dedicated team of Store
Creation Specialists to help you create your
fully functional online store

Hassle-Free Store

Our services includes payment
consolidation, delivery coordination and
customer inquiries management. On top of
this, you have easy access to tools to track
your online business from anywhere.

Supported Marketing

We help your online store get discovered
through our online marketplace,
Takatack.com.We will include you in our
promotions and partnerships to expose
your products to more online shoppers.

Why TackThis! Concierge?

more time for your
core business

Leave the online selling
to us so you can focus on other
aspects of your business
and retail operations.

better cost efficiency
& higher savings

Grow your business and reach out
to new areas without opening another store space.
This minimizes your overhead costs
and reduces investment risk.

more customers
more revenue

Get more sales
with your wider customer reach
and effective online
marketing support.

trusted sales

TackThis Concierge is a product from companies with
years of track record in the Philippines: Voyager
Innovations Inc., a subsidiary of Smart Communications
Inc., and Takatack Technologies Pte Ltd.


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