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Why Philippines?

Fastest growing
economy in East Asia

Almost 45 million
internet users

9 out of 10 Filipino
consumers shop at
least once a month

$2.97 billion in ecommerce
projected by 2020

Filipinos spent the most
time online

Average 6.2 hours every
day on a fixed device,
and 2.8 hours everyday on a mobile device

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Overseas Selling Plan

Overcome the challenges of selling beyond Singapore borders

  • Concierge Service

    TackThis! Overseas Selling Plan includes a concierge team of dedicated store specialists to manage your products from orders, payments, delivery, and customer care management.


    Learn more about the TackThis Concierge Service.

  • Localized Payment & Logistics Partners

    Leverage on the most preferred payment and logistics service providers in the country:

  • Supported Marketing Campaigns

    Optimize your brand penetration in the Philippine online market with Takatack’s comprehensive, tailored marketing campaigns. This brings your company and your products to more local online shoppers.

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