What does TackThis do?

TackThis is easiest Social Commerce technology solution available. Within 5 minutes, you can set up a facebook shop or blogshop and online shopping cart. Our social tools will then help you get traffic, fans, customers, and loyal clientele. We have a range of social marketing tools to help make your business successful.

What is Social eCommerce?

Social networks + Shopping = Social Commerce. Given the ever-increasing number of people on social networks (800+ million on Facebook alone) and the trust between friends (90% of shoppers trust recommendations from people they know), its no surprise that Social Commerce is going to be the next big wave. Merchants use Social Commerce to raise awareness, win customers, and engage with clients.

What are the Benefits of TackThis for my business?

TackThis helps you with all aspects of an online business.

  • Raising awareness - Put your shops where your potential customers already are.
  • Building trust - Our social marketing tools enables your customers to promote your shop to their friends.
  • Customer transaction - Tackthis provides a complete online and facebook shopping cart solution.
  • Customer engagement - Manage your customers through our system and send your fans updates and promotions through Facebook.
  • Repeat clients - Discount codes, VIP sales, and other tools to promote loyalty.
What is unique about TackThis?

We are the fastest way to set up a storefront and online shopping cart for Livejournal, Facebook, and other social networks.

We are social to the core. Our entire technology is built to help you spread the word about your business. Your storefront is embeddable on all major social networks. Sell on Facebook, Livejournal, Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, etc, We have a range of social marketing tools that will enable you to turn strangers into fans, fans into customers, and customers into advocates.

We are Asia's first Social Commerce solution and we offer solutions specially adapted to the region. Specifically, we're talking about our payment methods and default currency setting. We'll offer additional languages soon. Can't wait? Then contact us here.

Is the Basic version really free?

There are no subscription costs for our Basic Plan! We will charge you a 2% fee on transactions, so we will earn only if you earn.

How does the free 30 days trial work?

You get a free 30 day trial with any of our Novice, Professional and Expert plans. During the trial period, you may choose to freely switch between each plan. We provide this so that you can test TackThis and our tools to be sure that we provide a real value for you.

You will be prompted to confirm your subscription plan by making payment only a week before the trial ends. If you choose to do nothing, your subscription will simply revert to the free Basic plan.

Getting Started
How do I get started with TackThis?

To get started with TackThis, you'll need to follow these three easy steps:

  • Sign up
  • Follow our user-friendly merchant site to load product photos, select delivery, and payment methods.
  • Paste our code on any social network and/or website. Voila! Your store is complete and you're ready for customers!

We are a web-based solution, so there is nothing to install. We will also handle all hosting. If you get stuck at any time, please email us!

What do I need in order to start selling?

Things to sell; product photos; a facebook page, blog, or website. Easy, right? And we're here to help, so please email us if you need anything!

Will TackThis support digital goods?

Yes, you can sell digital goods such as mp3s, videos, and eBooks with the TackThis Enterprise account (see price plans). Of course, you'll need to be the legal owner of any good that you sell on TackThis and you cannot break any legal restrictions.

Which countries and currencies are usable with TackThis?

TackThis is usable by merchants in any country. You can set up your default currency to Singaporean Dollar, US Dollar, Malaysia Ringgit, Indonesia Rupiah, India Rupee, Euro, British Pound, and Canadia Dollar. However, not all payment gateways are available in all currencies (for exmple, PayPal is not available in Indonesian Rupiah - their policy, not ours!).

Which languages are supported?

We are only available in English currently. We will release versions in other languages soon. Can't wait? Email us.

Embedding your Shop
Where can I embed my TackThis Shop?

You can embed your TackThis shop on any website, facebook pages and the following social networks: Facebook, LiveJournal, Blogger,, Joomla.

How many times can I embed my shop?

You can tack your shop as many times as you want! To get the best results, we recommend that you tack your shops in all the places that you promote your shop, such as your Facebook fan page, your website, and your blog. If you want to be really marketing savvy, you can get your customers and affiliates to tack your store on their webpages or facebook pages. No matter how many storefronts you have, you will be able to manage the inventories in one centralized location.

Are there any special considerations for embedding my Facebook shop?

You will need to paste in a Facebook Secure key in order to activate your shop. Follow our instructions here.

Are there any special considerations for embedding in LiveJournal?

You will need to paste a LiveJournal key in order to activate your shop. Follow our instructions here.

Can my shop be accessed if I do not embed it on any platform?

If you choose not to embed your shop on any platform, your shop can be accessible via the default TackThis URL -<your-shop-id>

Professional and Expert plan subscribers will have the ability to set a Shop Alias, and thus create a customised TackThis URL -<your-shop-alias>

Designing Your Shop
Can I change my shop design?

Currently you can change the layout of your shop to display your products in 3 different formats. You cannot currently customize the skin or colors of the shop. We will be adding more flexibility in the near future. Can't wait? Email us now!

What do I do when I get an order?

When your customer checks out, you will receive an email notification and their orders will appear in the 'Orders' tab of your Merchant backend. You will be able to see the orders details, payment method, and the Order Status. You can contact the customer using their contact details if you need more information or if there are payment issues. If there are no issues, you can ship the product and change the Order Status to complete.

What methods of payment can my customers use?

TackThis can accept PayPal, all international credit cards, ATM transfer, iBanking, and MOL points.

How do I setup an account on PayPal?

Setting up a PayPal account is very easy and can be completed in minutes. You can register here for a PayPal account. Please note that you will need a premier or business account.

How do I enable local bank ATM transfers payment?

You will need to select local bank transfers under the "Payment Methods" tab and key in your account number and bank name of your bank account. Remember to click 'Enable' after you have keyed in your bank details. This option will now be visible to your shoppers.

Your Account
How much does TackThis cost?

We have a variety of personal plans suited to your needs - from a free Basic plan to an Expert plan for seasoned casual sellers. View here for the details.

How do I pay for TackThis and how will I be billed?

If you sign up for one of our paid plans, your subscription fee will be deducted from your credit card. You will be billed for your transaction fees and you can transfer this fee to us online on a monthly basis.